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Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan



About us

The Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan is an alliance of grassroots organizations committed to building power in low-wage and working class communities to advance economic justice and racial equity in our state and local cities.  These partner organizations work together to develop economic justice advocacy and policy campaigns to improve the economic conditions for the people they serve and others.


All of EJAM’s founding partner organizations are led by African American women, and represent a diverse membership base including, but not limited to, restaurant workers, mothers of color, workers of faith, and Detroiters ensuring that Detroiters have a voice in the city’s future.


Formed in the fall of 2013, EJAM is born out of a long tradition of organizing in Michigan.   Hundreds of thousands of voters across Michigan have joined with EJAM to fight to increase the minimum wage, provide earned paid sick days for all workers, and require community benefit agreements when public monies and land is used to support corporate developments.  As a result, EJAM succeeded in increasing the Michigan’s minimum wage in 2014.


Central to EJAM’s organizing is leadership development. Current leadership development programs include the Michigan Economic Justice Fellowship and the Local Candidate & Campaign Manager training.  These trainings are designed to improve leaders’ ability to fight for their communities while advancing racial justice in Michigan.


The strength of EJAM comes from the members of the partner organizations.  By strategizing, planning, and working together, EJAM not only has the ability to win on issues, but the alliance’s partner organizations and respective leaders continue to strengthen relationships to build lasting working class power in Michigan.