Protect & Defend Letter-writing Campaign Underway

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We are in the midst of a “Veto Senate Bill 1171” letter writing campaign with a goal of sending 1,000 handwritten letters to Gov. Rick Snyder urging him to uphold the constitution, stand with Michigan’s tipped and minimum wage workers and veto SB 1171.

SB 1171, which passed on a party-line vote, guts the One Fair Wage proposal that would have eliminated the subminimum wage and raised the minimum wage to $12 an hour for all workers by 2024. The Senate-passed bill instead re-institutes the subminimum wage and only increases it from $3.52 per hour to $4 by 2030. 

With this action, Republican lawmakers have taken the first step toward gutting the One Fair Wage proposal and snatching back the raises they gave Michigan’s tipped and minimum wage workers when they adopted it.

The One Fair Wage proposal received support from more than 400,000 Michigan voters only to have the rug pulled from under us after the election during lame-duck session.

It is crunch time and we need all hands on deck to ensure Gov. Snyder hears our message loud and clear. Please join our letter campaign and urge Gov. Snyder to veto SB 1171.