Just imagine: People we who share our values leading policy change in our local school boards, city, county and township boards, and in our state capital. Oh, the progress we could make!   You can be a part of this progress. Plan now for your role in leading change. The Local Candidate and Campaign Manager Training Program is designed to help leaders develop the skills and resources they need to advance progressive change through local elected office. The Michigan Local Candidate Training Program helps individuals who want to lead progressive political change in their community through local and state elected office. This 5-webinar training program provides the nuts and bolts of putting together a winning campaign for local and state office, as well as developing effective leadership skills necessary to advance progressive change.

This program is for individuals who are planning or interested in running for elected office in the next five years or who are or will be serving as a campaign manager for a candidate.


The 2017 Local Candidate and Campaign Manager training is underway. However, if you’d like to stay informed about our next program like this, please fill this out.


Spring 2017 LCT students: please click here to access a student-only portal.